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Moving To Spain Post Covid – Why You Shouldn’t Give Up On Your Dream

Posted by rv on 07/01/2021

In case moving to Spain was one of your life goals that you wanted to fulfill in 2020, don’t lose hope, for there’s still a way to achieve your dream even among the ongoing pandemic.

Reports from all over the world suggest that the virulence of Covid-19 is slowly weakening. This means, soon, you’ll be able to pack your bags and head for that dream destination in Spain.

At Royal Villas, we are committed to helping you find and buy the best houses in Spain. Today, we’re going to give you the complete guide to moving to Spain post-Covid.

Let’s pack our bags and get going.

Moving To Spain Post Covid


1. Make A List Of Must-Haves

The first thing that you need to do is settle on your dream location, and the amenities you have in mind. Decide on what kind of property you need (beach-side or city center?), and the number of rooms you require. Also, keep in mind the budget; this list will help you narrow down your choices.

2. Research Online

Once you have a list of all your must-haves, now is the time to search for a suitable property. And this is where Royal Villas can help you. We have the largest collection of Spanish properties that cater to all crowds. Just log-on to our site, and take your pick.

3. Revise Your Spanish

When in Spain, you need to speak as the Spanish do. So, this is the time to brush up on the language of the land. Knowing the local language can help you navigate your new living location better. Currently, there are many online portals and apps that provide Spanish lessons, often for free.

4. Look For Employment Opportunities

Due to Covid-19, employment opportunities are scarce all over the world. Naturally, Spain is no exception and has a very high unemployment rate at the moment. So, before moving to Spain, make sure you have enough funds to support yourself and your loved ones. Alternatively, you could also opt for a remote job that you can do from anywhere.

5. Becoming A Legal Resident

Finally, make sure you become a legal resident of the country. For this, you’ll need to get either an NIE number or a TIE card. However, due to Covid, the process to get legal resident rights can get delayed. So, we recommend you start as early as possible.


Final Words

Moving to Spain post-Covid is certainly possible. Just keep the above points in mind, and you’ll be good to go. And for any assistance related to finding properties in Spain, Royal Villas is your one-stop solution. So, log on and begin searching!

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